Curious about semi-permanent lip makeup procedure? Don’t be fooled by the name; our certified trained students as well as the trainer technician’s at our studio are trained in a variety of cosmetic procedures. We offer solutions for the lips, too!
Let’s talk about semi-permanent lip makeup. Our instructors have developed a technique to accentuate lips’ size and add a gorgeous wash of color. (We have a range of shades for every skin tone!) It mimics the lipstick you wear every day without any of the hassle!

Whether the client wants natural volume or extreme fullness, Our trainers and certified trained students can customize a look to match the desired results. The best part? Our semi-permanent lip makeup is 100-percent suitable for those with lip fillers! Although we recommend permanent makeup first, followed by lip fillers, we can still do permanent makeup for those who already have lip fillers. We are a team of experts who can customize a look for each client’s unique situation. However you choose to enhance your lips with us, the combination of fillers and semi-permanent makeup is really beautiful.

We believe playing with makeup is fun, plus, change is good! After all, we are professionals in the beauty industry, so we are just as passionate about cosmetics as you are. If you opt for one of our berry pinks or classic reds, you can always add your favorite nude shade on top. (Or, if you prefer nude semi-permanent lip makeup, you can–of course!–layer bold colors over it.)
Experimenting with different looks shows exactly how versatile  semi-permanent makeup is. ! You can always layer another lip color or lip gloss on top for a quick change; you never know when you will find your new favorite combination of colors.

No matter what you choose, our goal is to leave you with a customized look you will love. And the options don’t stop at pigment color! You also have your say in style choices, such as a defined outline vs. a soft outline.
Our work can correct asymmetry, reduce the appearance of age lines and more.