Teeth Whitening Online Without A Kit

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Admire Beauty Academy’s teeth whitening training will prepare students to create quality work and a solid foundation for their skill and career. Our goal is to prepare students to be professional in their skill and perform the best quality work.
The full teeth whitening training course package will allow you to start up your own laser teeth whitening business and get going as soon as you have successfully completed the one-day course. We offer in-depth training courses formulated by a fully qualified registered Dentist which enable you to become a certified Dental Bleaching Technician (DBT).
Beginner Class (No prior machine experience required. Students from other academies are welcome)
Model Demonstration
Receive a Certification of Completion right after class
Continuous support after class (Student can contact instructor directly for questions.)
How to determine teeth type & shades, how it works, technology
What dentists or non-dentists cannot do in certain jurisdiction
Health & safety of teeth whitening
Consultation/Medical information
Treatment plan and techniques
Who can be treated?
Hands-on practical
Understanding legality of teeth whitening business
Sales and marketing
Pre-treatment communications
Key points during the treatment, Key points to observe after the treatment
Initial Consultation
Patient Assessment
Identifying Gum Disease
Identifying Staining Profiles (e.g tetracycline)
Identifying Fillings/Crowns/Veneers/Cavities
Navigating Consent Forms
Identifying Unsuitable Patients
Technical Profile of Dental Bleaching
Overview of Dental Materials
Safety Profiles
Teeth Whitening Demonstration
Practical Hands-On Experience
Teeth Whitening Protocols
Our Teeth Whitening Training course is taught through a training module with tutorials and videos that is meant to mimic our in- persons workshops. The only difference between the two courses is that you won’t be able to perform the practice with models under supervision of trainer.
The course is taught by an advanced certified instructor and includes lifetime support and access to online materials afterwards and access to a support community. At the end of the course your will need to pass the final assessment, theoretical test and practical exam in order to complete your Teeth Whitening Training Certificate.
Cost: $499.99 ($381USD, please note the exchange rate will show up in American dollars on your card statement & automatically does the exchange rate)



Average Cost per procedure $250.00
Average time per procedure 30 minutes
Profit or weekly income (based on 10 clients per week) $2,500 weekly
Annual Income (not including tips)  $120,000