Mega Volume Eyelash Extension Course Online Without A Kit

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Admire Beauty Academy is offering an intensive and in-depth mega volume eyelash extension course where you will learn precise training and receive everything you need to begin your business right away!!!
Our mega volume lash course teaches you the advanced techniques you will need to be able to create big, fluffy and full 8D-16D fans using 0.03 lashes. This training is only for experienced, qualified eyelash technicians that have a minimum of 6 months experience in Russian Volume lash extensions.
Ready to make your clients look irresistible? Clients may want a customized plan to shape the lashes that suits their personality and style. Our Volume Eyelash Extension course will give beauty professionals like your additional skills to recommend and design the right lashes for your clients.
Our Mega Volume Eyelash Extensions course is taught through a full lash extension training module with tutorials and videos that is meant to mimic our in- persons workshops. The only difference between the two courses is that you won’t be able to perform the practice with models under supervision of trainer.
The course is taught by an advanced certified instructor and includes lifetime support afterwards and access to a support community. At the end of the course your will need to pass the final assessment, theoretical test and practical exam in order to complete your Mega Volume Eyelash Extension Certificate
The Online Training Module Includes:
·         Sample aftercare
·         Sheets for clients
·         Sample waiver forms for clients
·         Full microblading training module
·         Final assessment
·         Theoretical test
·         Practical exam
Cost: $499.99 ($381 USD, please note the exchange rate will show up in American dollars on your card statement & automatically does the exchange rate) Includes a full-size kit with a lash trays, adhesive, tweezers(2), microswabs, lash brushes, adhesive tile, undereye patches, tape, primer and remover.

NOTE: It is still recommended to take a physical training course with practice on models to gain the best hands on knowledge