Ombre Powder Online With A Kit

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Admire Beauty Academy’s ombre powder brow training will prepare students to create quality work and a solid foundation for their skill and career. Our goal is to prepare students to be professional in their skill and perform the best quality work.
Ombré Brows (also known as Powder Brows/Shaded Brows) is a semi-permanent make-up procedure, where through the manual process of inserting pigment into the top layers of skin
  • The tails of the brow are darker, and as you move towards the front of the brow it starts to fade
  • The effects will be waterproof and smudge-proof
  • It lasts longer than Microblading, typically around 3 years on average
Beginner Class (No prior machine experience required. Students from other academies are welcome)
Ombre Eyebrows/Powdered Eyebrows
Includes Full size kit with 1 Machine, Needles, Pigment & More
Receive a Certification of Completion right after class
Continuous support after class (Student can contact instructor directly for questions.)
Client Consultation and Consent forms
Setting Up Your Station
Eyebrow Mapping/ Shaping technique
Color and pigment selection
Permanent makeup health & safety
Hands-on practice
Product & supplies resources
Certificate of completion
  • Shading techniques using the Ombre’ brow concept
  • Front shadow blending transitions
  • Top shadow blending transitions
  • Hair simulation in gradient style
  • Best needle groupings for delivery techniques
  • Machine and Manual techniques
  • Shapes and gradient transitions
  • Placement
  • Powder/shadow and hair simulation applications
  • Symmetry
  • Proper anesthetic usages and protocols
  • Best color selections
  • Troubleshooting
  • Consultations
  • proper needle/tool selection
  • Sanitation bloodborne pathogens certification
  • Drawing concepts for techniques
  • Proper tray set up protocols
…And More
Our Ombre Powder Brow Training course is taught through a training module with tutorials and videos that is meant to mimic our in- persons workshops. The only difference between the two courses is that you won’t be able to perform the practice with models under supervision of trainer.
The course is taught by an advanced certified instructor and includes lifetime support and access to online materials afterwards and access to a support community. At the end of the course your will need to pass the final assessment, theoretical test and practical exam in order to complete your Ombre Powder Brow Training Certificate.
Cost: $999.99 ($763USD, please note the exchange rate will show up in American dollars on your card statement & automatically does the exchange rate) Includes a full-size kit with a machine & needles, assorted permablend pigments, pigment rings, measuring and drawing tools, disposable masks, disposable aprons, disposable hair nets, skin marking pen, numbing cream + more.
Ombre Powder Brow Course: $999 CAD ($763USD) with a kit, $499CAD($381USD) without
Average Cost per procedure $500.00
Average time per procedure 2 hours
Profit or weekly income (based on 5 clients per week) $2,500 weekly
Annual Income (not including tips) $120,000